A 4k TV box which have wonderful content and function

2GB Running memory

2GB LPDDR3 with super-large running memory,achieves 50% performance improvement

32GB storage space

32GB eMMC storage space, achieve 50% space improvement

4core 64bit CPU

Powerful engine,There has been big leap in performance.leap in performance which make you faster.

high-performance GPU

For video decoding and game Accelerating, high frame rate pictures always play fluently.

Dual-band WIFI

Enhancing the experience of surfing the innternet and maximizing the bandwidth at home.

Android 7.0

The android system is more intelligent and safer , the operation is more fluent and convenient.

Bluetooth 4.0

Connecting external equipment is more convenient and flexible.

USB 3.0

Connect the mobile hard disk or U disk to play local file or install APP

We know what you want

The seventh generation of unblock box has a brand-new debut.There are hundreds of thousands of films and the live channel.We can find any program you like and the content of program are increasing everyday.The PROS make you seeing the world without going out your home.

Overall upgrade of hardware

PROS has 2G RAM and 32G ROM,The memory are doubled and the wireless is upgraded dual band from single band.The special box bring you a bigger storage space and a better experience of watching.The android system with real 4K HD Hardware Decoding make everthing be possible.

Super-large storage

The storage of PROS up to 32GB, It's much bigger than 8G or 16GB of other boxes on the market,it can install more APP, it support External equipment to expand storage either.

Super-fast storage

The RAM is upgraded to 2GB,it can open more APP in the same time,it behaves faster,it's more fluent when you running game.

Dual band wireless

PROS suports transmiting Dual band wireless,Enhancing signal,breaking complex living environment,it's easy for PROS to process high Flow.

Immersion in watching TV

UBOX PROS has powerful decoding ability,it just like a video Processor running in a High-speed.It can process 60 frame 4K HD vedio in a second.The image of TV is more fluent and detailled and the sounds of TV is more smooth and lively when you watching TV.UBOX PROS bring you a immersive experience of watching.

Faster with dual band wireless

PROS support transmiting dual band wireless,it enhances the experience of serfing the internet,it maximize the bandwidth;The 2.4G bandwidth is applying to Multi-obstacle and long-distance wireless transmission,It's the main bandwidth in the wireless transmission;The 5G bandwidth has fewer interference and collecting with 802.11ac,it's more fluent and faster when you surfing the internet.Make shareing faster and longer.


You could see a clearer world

The 4K HD box make you see a clearer world;It's more detailling and colorful,PROS rebuild the real world,dark gets darker,light gets lighter,the television pictures is more lively and detailling,the hierarchy of image is more distinct,the television pictures is more fluent,bring you an immersive enjoyment.

No regional restrictions , Seven days to look back

Traditional TV can only see a country's live broadcasting,but UBOX can see live broadcasts from many countries,global CDN accelerated without limitting , Rich content can absolutely satisfy your needs .The video is encoded by H.265 & H.264 4K , The speed of download is faster and the picture is clearer. It also can look back the vedio you missed. It's different from traditional TV that the function of looking back make you watch TV without catching the time.Wherever and whenever,seven days to look back make you never miss any wonderful program.

Once paid , Free forever

what your family like is all in here and it's always free. There are more than 700 Live broadcast channel in China、Hongkong、Taiwan、Japan、Korea、Europe and America、Southeast Asia and other counties . Save you the monthly fee of traditional digital TV, and you not only can watch more programs, but also the programs are updating continually...

Faster / Smart / Safer

With the new generation of Android 7.0, the performance of UBOX has been greatly improved.Background running no longer occupies memory, we can enjoy the speed of fluent running . Free installation of software to achieve more functions, fitness, preschool education, food, health and so on which satisfy your family's interest.

Strong as always

No matter hardware or software,PROS of UBOX is powerful as always, 4 core CPU , 8 core GPU , 2GB RAM , 32GB ROM , it can run most of APP fluently . Every function performs well , we also can enjoy the vedio and game on the bigger screen.

Real 4K,PROS moves the cinema to your living room.


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