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The latest upgrade in software and hardware,Four big independent servers

UPRO has big improvement both in software and hardware.But the biggest improvement is four big independent servers.UNBLOCK devoted itself in improving audience's experience in every step.







Flash Memory




UNBLOCK UPRO, Strong Function as Always

UBOX PRO is strong as always in software and hardware. 4 cores CPU, 8 cores GPU and 1G running memory make lots of APPs run smoothly in the box. Perfect performance in audiovisual make you can try more games in the big screen.

Decode speed is as fast as flash

UPRO’s strong decoding capacity is like a high speed running video processor. It can process 60 frames 4K HD image in only one second. When you watch 4K HD movies, you will have smooth and stable picture which can show every details. That will maka you are personally on the scene.

Smaller Size But with Stronger Performance

UPRO becomes smaller than the last generation but gets very big improvement in performance. The biggest improvement is that it uses latest independent server, which makes the box run smoothly in live show playing or video-on-demand playing.

Android 7.0, faster and more stable

Android 7.0’s performance has made a biggest improvement, so that the app’s running speed is 600% faster and 75% faster in start speed as well. It is exciting that there are four big strengths in UPRO, which are faster, easy to use, safe and beautiful. It is our goal to make a customized just perfect box which is more easy-use and more intimate.

WOW!! WOW!! UPRO supports phone, tablet and PC now

No matter the system is Android, IOS or Windows, now it is free to enjoy your program in phone, tablet or PC. Come and register an account now!

Simple and Easy to Use, Elder and Children Can Handle It

It is easier to be handeled compared with the common TV. You can set a shortcut to make everting easier. Interface Design is simple but clear, and you can get started within ten minutes.

One Payment and Permanent Free

All your families’ favorite programs are here and there are permanent free. There are more than one thousand lived channels from mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and other Asian countries. You can enjoy more shows and save the fee for the traditional digital TV at the same time. The box will continually update the channels.

Ultra HD Box and Ultra HD Vision

UPRO supports 4K. Its performance is more outstanding when it plays ultra HD programs. The box can clearly show very details no matter it is fast-paced sports video, still picture, extremely dark or extremely bright picture.

New HDMI2.0 Connector

This new HDMI2.0 connector provides a guarantee for the higher resolution video or higher code rate audio. It can significantly improve the quality of image or audio when it transports HD or 4K programs.

One Thousand Lived Channels and Countless Programs

Different with the traditional TV’s live channels in one country, UPRO can provide live channels from several countries and regions. CDN unlimitedly speed up for the shows from all over the world. Abundant shows can totally meet your need. Video programs are coded by H.265&H.264 4K, so that the download speed is faster and the picture is clearer.

24 Hours X 7 Days Playback Function, Never Miss Your Favorite Shows

Different with traditional TV, playback function let you enjoy your favorite shows anytime and anywhere.

Several control ways to meet any needs

Except from the remote, you can control the box by your phone or mouse.


Mobile phone
Remote control

New USB 3.0 Connector

USB 3.0’s biggest bandwidth is 5.0Gbps(640MB/s). Compared with USB2.0, USB 3.0 is ten times faster than USB2.0, which makes it faster to transport HD video or Blu-ray video from USB Flash disk anf hard disk. And you can definitely use the box as a file server at the same time.

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